Monday, 9 May 2011

Herbs in the Garden

Rather than just the sweet smells of roses and flowers, herbs lend another dimension of smell to the garden. Spicy, musky, heavy or light, each herb having a distinctly different scent.

Planting, Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano along a garden path will give off a gorgeous aroma as you pass by.

Mint makes a fabulous perennial (in most areas) groundcover, that can take foot traffic. Mint comes in many varieties, each with its own fantastic smell.

Sage is a lovely plant, and comes in different colors, the Tricolor Sage is a perennial favorite. Variegated green and white foliage with just a hint of red on the edges of the leaves.

Lavender, one can never have enough Lavender in the garden. Beautiful grey/green foliage with prolific lavender, purple or even pink (depending on variety) blooms. They smell fantastic and are great for drying.

Dill, Basil and Parsley are great foliage fillers for containers. Mixed with annuals they make a lovely display. Keep these planters near the house for easy access during cooking.

Nasturtiums are a free flowering herb that look great in planters, along the edge of the garden and are also great in salads.

Herbs generally like a sunny, well drained location and are easy to grow. They are not easily susceptible to insects and diseases. Many herbs are perennial, and will grow and spread quickly.

Tender herbs can be brought into the house and wintered over in a warm sunny window. Spray with a solution of soapy water before bringing inside and occasionally through the winter to keep insects away.

If you are going to be cooking with your herbs be sure to use a good organic fertilizer and an all natural insecticidal soap(if necessary).

Herbs like Echinacea and Scented Geranium have long been enjoyed as perennial flowers in the garden. Oregano and Thyme between your roses are breathtaking. Mint and Creeping Rosemary in planters adds a scented dimension that will delight you. Try a few in your garden, you will be surprised and pleased with the performance, smell and look of herbs.

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